Last Day in North Carolina

Today is our last day in North Carolina. I had a blast visiting family and seeing the kids play with their cousins. Every time we come here, I’m left thinking of what life would be like had we left everything in NYC and moved here. There’s something about the peacefulness of the country that has captivated my heart. I may have lived in NYC for most of my 36 years of life but it is now that I’m discovering that I have a little shabby, country chic in me. And I must say, I can picture my hubby and I raising our boys here. I’m such a city girl and my kids are straight up city kids but I can’t help but wonder what would life be like if we relocated. It will happen in a few years since our goal is to move to NC, hubby’s home state but until then, it’s fun to dream.

We stayed with family and will be ending our short trip in a beach house that we rented through airbnb. It’s quite lovely here. Here are just a few pics of the house we’re staying in:


We decided to invite our family over for one last get together before we begin our road trip back to NYC. It’s sure to be filled with tons of laughter and good times! Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful Monday afternoon!

See you on the next blog!

Michelle 💋

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