Conquering the Fear of Vlogging!

So, I’ve had the sudden urge to jump on the vlogging bandwagon.  I’ve always been the type of person to have journals so that I can document the monumental moments of my life.  The only problem is that my journals have gone missing (I know, gasp!!!) after my ex-husband and I divorced nearly a decade ago.  I wish I had them so that I can remember the moods I was in and the wonderful, sad, and exciting moments in my life that I had faced in the moment that they were written.  Well, the written memories are no longer existent.  Hence, that’s why I decided to start a blog!  My blog is my journal.  In it, I plan to share my feelings, concerns, goals, interests, and journey.  Life with Em!  Life with Michelle!  I will share all things related to me.

However, I want to start documenting my life in the form of a vlog.  I currently have a YouTube channel with about 30 subscribers.  I’m a baby YouTuber and although I like to film sit-down videos, it’s not always easy to film one.  You see, I have 4 kids!  They need, want, fight, get loud, and interrupt.  They’re boys! It’s hard to film a sit down video.  So now I’ve taken an interest in vlogging and I think I want to turn my youtube channel into a vlog channel.  I can always share reviews, unboxings, and chat talks on this blog because it is far more easier to write a blog post and post content on Instagram than planning and setting up to film a sit-down video.  I want to document the special moments in my life so that one day my family and I can look back at them.  I have all I need to start vlogging but I don’t know how and when to start.  I’ve watch videos about when and how to start a vlog and they have all shared that all you have to do is pick up a camera and just record!  Plain and simple, right?  Wrong. I can vlog at home but I worry about looking like a nut job when I am vlogging out in public. Also, the how and when to vlog videos that I have watched shared that in order to conquer the fear, I have to just turn on the camera and film! All the time! Just film to the point that I get used to it!  So let’s see.

How often will I vlog?  Only on days/moments that I want my kids, hubby, and I to remember.  I have a blended family so this will be a great way to help capture special moments for my oldest two boys whom I share custody with my ex-husband since they are with me half of the time. Will I resort to daily vlogging?  Not sure.  It all depends on how comfortable I get with it.  I’ll share my videos on this platform as well for those who are interested in watching a blended, urban, newly vegan family.  You are more than welcomed to “tune in”  but I am mostly looking forward to tuning in myself 1, 5, or 10 years from now!

Do any of you vlog?  If so, share some advice on the comment box down below!  Even if you don’t vlog, what do think?  I’d love to read your opinions.  It’s time that I conquer my fear!  Thank you for reading! Have a blessed day, evening, or night! and as always…

see you on the next blog,



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